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Hiding.com is a technical recruiting company centered on the undeniable fact that some of the best job candidates are "in hiding".

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About Us

Hiding.com is a technical recruiting company centered on the undeniable fact that some of the best job candidates are "in hiding". The truth is that many talented people have not signed up with LinkedIn or allied with HeadHunters. Our mission is to pair employers with these hidden employees. Our recruiting agency establishes meaningful relationships with leading engineering minds, as well as other executive-level talent that traditional recruiters don't have access to. We find our talent through a variety of means ranging from referrals to networking events, conferences and even word of mouth. We have been in the tech recruiting business for just under a decade and we are still growing.

Our Berkeley, California-based organization is headed by strong women who have worked tirelessly to ally with tech professionals of all backgrounds. We have connected with over 200 conference partners this past year alone. Our team is focused on establishing such relationships in an effort to pair employers with the appropriate tech talent. All in all, our recruiting agency places hidden talent across 84 technology focuses. Hiding.com has helped 22 organizations meet their development team goals. This past year we attained the highest applicant-to-hired rate with our top three clients. We have even opened a secondary office in Philadelphia that functions as our east coast hub. Whether you need an IT manager, a computer programmer, an engineer or a tech aficionado of any other sort, we can find him or her in a fraction of the time that it would take through a traditional headhunter or by way of a LinkedIn search.

Why the Best Candidates are Often Hidden

In the world of human resources, there is a commonly held sentiment that desperate job-seekers resort to headhunters, online job boards and social media platforms. Those who have marketable skills, solid experience and an excellent academic background tend to search for employment through friends and colleagues or simply stay with their employer because they are well compensated and appreciated. These types of accomplished individuals rarely ally with headhunters or join social media platforms like LinkedIn in hopes of finding a job. Most of them believe that there is little to gain by "putting themselves out there". Some even fear that word might get back to their current employer and they would have to suffer the consequences.

Most of these "hidden" employees are paid quite well because of their rare talent and extensive skill set. They have little reason to actively search for another job as they do not believe that they will be paid significantly more money. Nor are they desperate for a new work environment. These individuals comprise the "hidden talent" that employers should be desperate to pluck from the ranks of their competitors. Thankfully, these hidden candidates are now accessible through the network of relationships established by our team here at Hidden.com. We can set up interviews with your hiring manager and these under-the-radar superstars. You won't find their resumes on LinkedIn or through a headhunter, but you will certainly find them through our recruiting agency.

When you log onto LinkedIn or check in with local headhunters, you will likely observe an overlapping of available candidates. These individuals are not extraordinary in any aspect. Many are job hoppers that go from one position to another every six months or year. These are the types of desperate employees that your organization should avoid at all costs.

The bottom line is that employees who are satisfied with their salary and work environment rarely establish profiles on employment websites like LinkedIn. They do not feel as though they have much to gain by putting their name and resume on the world wide web for everyone to see. Nor do they feel it is necessary to establish a relationship with a headhunter who might not find a position with a higher wage or better working conditions. Yet just about every hidden employee is willing to meet with one of our recruiters to learn about the other opportunities that out there. Though they might not have a figurative "for hire" sign on their backs like those who job search on LinkedIn, these hidden candidates are certainly willing to listen to your employment pitch. Hiding.com is here to connect you to these talented individuals because you certainly won't find them on job networking websites. The Importance of Establishing Relationships

Hiding.com is all about building meaningful bonds with others. In a nutshell, we collect people. These individuals might not be job searching at the exact moment that they meet with our recruiters yet there will be a point in the future when they are interested in learning about other professional opportunities. This is precisely why Hiding.com forges bonds with talented people in a variety of high-tech fields. Our team attends conferences, meetings and other professional outings to form genuine relationships with highly coveted people.

Our interpersonal approach to recruiting is a stark contrast from that of our competitors. Too many recruiters stick to the comfort of their temperature controlled office to find candidates. They operate from behind their computer monitors and keyboards thinking that they can find highly coveted professionals without pressing the flesh. This is a highly fallible means of finding talented employees. Limiting oneself to e-mail and phone communication does not allow for the proper vetting of candidates. We do the exact opposite by meeting with professionals in the tech field at all sorts of events. We dig into their background, gauge their interpersonal skills and see if the actual person matches up to the accomplishments listed on the resume. This is the top level recruiting your firm deserves.